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 waves is the only hair style for me

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PostSubject: waves is the only hair style for me   Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:39 am

I have been in the wave game for a while but i never knew that much about waves or how to get em.. so i went out spent me allowance on dumb products like 360 style sporting waves i used to clogg allot of that shit in my head. aint nothing like going to school lookin all slick and greasy but yea from that point on i always brushed my hair it started to feel good i had some what of a nice wave pattern but i went to juvinile hall and lost all my progress smh.. got out with a big ass afro after four months i decided to get em back.i was 14 years old going to high school

my waves started to get back in formation my texture is med i thought i had nappy hair until girls started asking what im mixed with lol and for those years i was wavy as hell i got suspended for brushing my hair in the class room smh.. then i hit 18 went to prison i had the best waves in there even the police said i like ur hair i did a year in prison and started stressing stop cuttin my hair u can cut hair with a razor and a comb in there lol next thing i knew waves were gon by the beginnin of 09 i was back on the streets thats when i discovered youtube and been waving every since.. kb
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meezyy jayy


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PostSubject: Re: waves is the only hair style for me   Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:44 pm

nice nice, glad to hear you stuck with the wave game bruh
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waves is the only hair style for me
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