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 Meezyy Jayy Wave Chronicles - Wolfing

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meezyy jayy


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PostSubject: Meezyy Jayy Wave Chronicles - Wolfing   Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:52 pm

Defintion:Wolfing- growing ones hair until the point where it is unmanageably long, mangy, like a wolf.

Wolfing is one of the back bones of waving, it speeds up the waving process, when you wolf you are actually letting your hair grow out so it can curl, and once it curls you will start to see waves after repeated repeated repeated brushing. After a while you will lose definition but do not do not do not do not cut! The top layer if your hour us sticking up and all the hair is packed down tight in a wave pattern. When you cut preferably around 8-12 weeks. You will have waves. One wolfing session will not be enough for perfect dips, you will need need need multiple wolfing sessions! But everytime you wolf your hair gets better trained. So nice it is better trained just wolf for two weeks longer than your last wolfing session before a cut. That's just a rule of thumb that I follow.

Tips on wolfing: Well all I can really say is to get trims every four weeks, find the guard that just cuts the top layer of your hair off then cut it. If you need to look good while wolfing for an event of sorts, then get a trim and a taper on your temples and down your neck. To keep your hair down while wolfing just soak your hair with water and brush it a few tines then du-rag it. If the rag ain't enough compression then either do a wavecap under the rag or a stretch cap (thick wavecap) on top. Shower brushing also helps train hair to lay down while wolfing.
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Meezyy Jayy Wave Chronicles - Wolfing
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