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 Meezyy Jayy Wave Chronicles - Common Myths

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meezyy jayy


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PostSubject: Meezyy Jayy Wave Chronicles - Common Myths   Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:51 pm

Alright I just wanna address some common myths in the waving community and explain my take on them.

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ATG cuts your waves out: Clearly this is not true. Any cut will cut your waves out if its too low, finding that height that will show your waves perfectly using an ATG cut is hard but I have a medium curly text and I can go as low as a 2 ATG and all my waves are there, but my waves are trained so go with a 3 or 4 just to be safe.

Showerbrushing is necessary: Truth be told, i have showerbrushed and I have skipped it too. All though it is integral in laying hair down, it's not integral for getting waves, i have went with showerbrushing and I have skipped it and both tines I saw the same results regarding waves, but laying my hair down, nothing can beat shower brushing.

Washing your hair after a cut washes your waves out: This is not true. Many ppl that are trying to get waves and are in their beginning stages use alot of product, and the product does the work of laying the hair down and making it pop with definition rather than letting the brush do all that for you. Therefore when you wash out all the product your hair retreats back to what it looks like from a brushing point of view. The more you brush correctly the better your waves are. The more product you
Use, the better your waves appear to be.

Soft brushes give you connection: What really gives you connection is starting lower than a normal cut (if you get a 2 WTG then you will get a 1.5 WTG to work on connects) and brushing correctly all the time. Overdosing! The. When your hair starts to thicken, wolf your ass off and repeat the process. The reason why ppl say soft brushes give you connection is because at a lower than normal cut, a soft brush is most likely used. And they do the same process as stated above so they get connects. But truth is, any brush will give you connects.

Pomade makes your hair fall out: Now I'm for the all natural movement with waving, I helped pioneer it but saying that pomade will make your hair fall out is stretching it, although pomade has many ingredients that many cannot pronounce and have no idea what it is, it made true waving possible in the early days. Pomade may speed up hair loss if it's in your genes. If your dad and his dad and his dad went bald at 50 then you will too no matter what you do, pomade isnt good for your hair but don't give it a bad rep.

Pomades give you waves: No they dont i do not care what you tink on this one, Pomades lay your hair down, and when your hair is laid down, it is easy to see your waves, but when you wash that pomade out, your definition goes away, so pomades do not give you waves, brushing does.

Brushes make the waves: BRUSHING MAKES THE WAVES. Alot of ppl use the Diane brand brush, but there is virtually no difference between most brushes and the Diane, it's just marketing, ppl use it and they got good results because they brushed. Then ppl buy the Diane and brush more than what they would do which gives way to better waves. Brushing is key, not brushes.
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Meezyy Jayy Wave Chronicles - Common Myths
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