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 Pomade Basics and How to use it

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PostSubject: Pomade Basics and How to use it   Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:21 pm

Been seeing a lot of people make statements about pomade that sounds like they're only talking bad about it because someone else said it was bad or they used it incorrectly. For me, that's not good enough to downgrade the product.

Anyway, just to clear things up, pomade is very good for holding your hair in place, most likely the best product for it, but THAT'S NOT THE ONLY THING IT DOES. Want to know why pomade is recommended for wavers? It has all three qualities to make waves look its best

1. Not only moisturizes all day, but moisturizes for days (has to be my favorite quality about pomade... i hate applying products all the fuckin time, I feel like applying a moisturizer daily before washing my hair was caking up my hair more than pomade would from applying it once)

2. The shine is great (all pomades give your hair a great shine, the only time it doesn't is when you use water alot, so basically this part is shit for h2o method lovers)

3. May be unbelievable to most people, but pomade does make ya hair softer while keeping your hair laid down and easier to manage (I use to use pink lotion all the time because of how soft it made my hair, but when I got into activities it sucked on keeping it laid down. started using just pomade and I noticed my hair was softer than ever and my hair didn't nap up often... even when it did, i was easily able to fix it)

Now if you use pomade, here's some tips to keep yourself from caking your head up

1. all you need to have enough pomade to apply to your hair is the tip of your index finger running along the surface of the pomade, DO NOT DIG INTO THE POMADE

2. Once you apply, you should be able to go at least 2-3 days with light pomade and 4-5 days with thick pomade without applying anymore. usually people who use the h2o method have a problem with this because they don't realize that wetting your hair and brushing it dry doesn't dry out your hair, but removes some oils that's in the pomade, which actually causes the pomade to dry out. if you don't wet your hair for a while and wait a good 3-4 hours, your natural oils brings the moisture and shine back to the pomade that's already in your hair

3. if the directions tell you to wash your hair first, then that's the only time you should be applying the pomade, after washing your hair

4. When it comes to washing it out, first you gotta have the shower water between lukewarm and hot to melt the pomade. Leave your head under the water for a good 2 minutes then start shower brushing under the water for as long as you like, at least 30 strokes per side. Apply shampoo to your hair after this and make sure it lathers up good before brushing the shampoo. Brush at least 20 strokes per side then brush your hair under the water for a good minute or so and that's it, you just washed out the pomade in your hair. If you wanna be sure that it's out, get a type of shampoo made for removing oils and grease from your hair


Now I'm not saying everyone should be using pomade, but I am simply stating that pomade ain't as bad as everyone is making it out to be. When it comes down to it, it's whatever you like. I like the fact that I'm not applying products to my hair on a daily basis anymore, not to mention that i'm not spending half an hour to an hour in the bathroom everytime i take a shower
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Pomade Basics and How to use it
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