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 Hard, Medium, and soft Brushes. Their importances

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PostSubject: Hard, Medium, and soft Brushes. Their importances   Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:18 pm

Been seeing threads about which brushes to use and hardly anyone recommends all three brushes besides me and a few others. So I figured why not give some basic points to why all three brushes should be in the majority of us wavers possession. The reason I say majority is because some textures may be too straight and curly for the hard brush while other textures may be too coarse for the soft brush

Hard Brush: Mainly for coarse hair and for achieving depth with waves, good to use when hair is long
Creates and deepens waves quicker than softer brushes
During long wolfing sessions, is key to keeping your hair manageable
When used for shower brushing, it softens and lays hair down more than softer brushes
When hair curls, it trains to lay the hair down better
Can act as a comb to untangle hair which is one of the causes of weak areas

Medium Brush: For all textured hair, straight, medium and coarse. Does the work of both soft and hard brush
When hair is at a shorter length, it replaces the hard brush by helping with depth more
When hair is at a longer length, it replaces the soft brush by helping with connection more
Can adjust on what you want worked on just by applying more or less pressure (more pressure, deeper waves; less pressure, better connection)
Replaces the hard brush when shower brushing when hair is too long for the soft brush but not long enough for the hard

Soft Brush: Mainly for straight, curly hair and for when hair is short. Vital for connection
Helps train hair to stay laid down
Helps with connection more than harder brushes
Can be used to the end of wolfing sessions to keep hair laid down during the day
Lasts a little longer than harder brushes from the bristles being more flexible
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Hard, Medium, and soft Brushes. Their importances
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