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 When is a product right for your hair?

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PostSubject: When is a product right for your hair?   Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:16 pm

I experimented with a lot products. The ones I can remember are LJOT, motion's shine enhancing pomade, tea-tree oil, hollywood olive oil, hollywood carrot oil, (africa's best and hollywood) carrot creme, hollywood olive creme, motion's hair lotion, 360 style, sportin waves black and gold, murray's original and super light, dax wave and groom, luster's pink lotion, nunile, doo gro mega thick, vigorol indian hemp and super light indian hemp, softee indian hemp, barber's select moisturizer, olive cholesterol, carrot cholesterol, and that crown's hair dressing stuff.

Now IMO, the best way to tell if a product works good with your hair is to give it what I call the "couple days test"

The way it works is simple. You pick what product you wanna test out, do your shampooing routine (to make sure there's nothing else in your hair when you do this test) and then you apply the product. After applying it, all you do is brush and du-rag for as long as you can until you feel you need to apply it again. When you know you need to apply it again is when your hair becomes hard to manage (not soft, no shine and feels rough)

Moisturizers will last the least amount of days, pomade will last the most amount of days and grease will fall inbetween the two.

If any product doesn't make it past 10 hours, then that product is not for your hair. After that period, keep track on how long you can go before needing to re-apply the product (doesn't have to be exact, i usually round it off to the nearest half hour) remember the time, then re-do the test with other products you wanna try until you either find one that stays in your hair longer or get tired of trying out other products.

That's how I narrowed it down to figure out which products would be best for my hair when in each category. pink lotion for moisturizer, vigorol super light indian hemp for grease and murray's super light for pomade

eventually i'm gonna narrow it down to just one product which i'm working on right now. I figured probably the only way I'm gonna be able to perfect my waves the way I want to, is by using only 1 product for a while.
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When is a product right for your hair?
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