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 Bankboi09 Product guides Pts. 1 and 2

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PostSubject: Bankboi09 Product guides Pts. 1 and 2   Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:11 pm

i am a brushing nerd, but i also am a product nerd cuz i like products that compliment the hard work i put in brushing, so since i started wavin in half june, these are all da products ive tried and products others have submitted, i will be posting pics of each product later on and if u got a suggestion 2 add on just tell me how it turned out for you so i can add it, some of these product reviews have been added by others, got a hot product, tell me about it, got a dud, let us know before we waste our money, bold is product name, and in parenthesis is the common name most people call it


S-Curl 360 Style(360) - tied for my favorite pomade, goes on like butter, nice but not overpowering wet shine, a little bit goes a long way, smells good, keeps hair soft all day, good hold if you know how to use it, can be used alone or with moisturizer

Sportin' Waves Black(SWB) - very good pomade, similar to 360 but goes on like colder butter, a little bit thicker which means more hold but the shine is not as glossy as 360, works well alone or with another moisturizer

Sportin' Waves Gold(SWG) - made me stop dissing heavy pomades, incredible hold, not as thick as dax, incredible shine, only turn offs are its hard to wash out and feels icky in head, also easy to cake up

Dax Wave and Groom(Dax) - very similar to sportin waves gold but to me it is a little easier to wash out

Murray's Original(Murry's) - not as thick as dax and swg

Murray's Superlight(Murry's sl) - great shine, not too much on hold, easy to wash out, not a big fan of it because to me it is just indian hemp without all the vitamins and fancy oils

Murray's Nu Nile Hair Slick(Nu Nile) - tied for my favorite pomade, wont find a better wet look around, no other pomade does a better job for shine or softening hair, also goes on greasy but when you durag for a while, when you take it off your hair looks incredible but feels great too, girls will touch your hair and not have a trace of residue on their fingers


Softee Indian Hemp - pretty good product, suposibly makes hair grow darker, great shine, smell great, holds decently, very greasy

Doo Grow Mega Thick - litterally indian hemp on steroids, best grease ive tried, makes hair nice and dark while keeping it soft and silky, repair hair damage u dont even know you have, when i say hemp on steroids i mean positives and negative, it is very greasy but if u use a pomade over it the greasiness will cease to continue

Softee Bergamot Hairdress - i am not a fan at all, greasy, very greasy looking shine, thick on your finger, thick on your hair, doesn't soften hair, and hair will still feel dry while greasy, does smell super good though

Vigorol Indian Hemp - goes on like butter, great shine, once washed out, hair is softer than usual, pretty good hold, stays on for days, easy to wash out, smells great, thickens hair for that dark look.. overall the best grease i invested my money onto - Vision


IC Ice Pomade - ultimate going out product, save it for prom night, over use or consistent use(every day) might cause pimples if you dont wash your face properly, you'll never have a better wet look, best on hair thats trained good or fresh cuts

Lets Jam Orange Top - the dax of gels, has incredible shine and extra incredible hold no matter how long hair is, makes my hair feel icky and sticky and its too easy to use too little or too much, smells so good i actually got my head stung by a wasp one day, true story, turned out fine though

Lets Jam Green Top - the 360 of gels, i like it alot, much lighter than orange top, has a pretty good hold and a nice subtle shine thats not overpowering,

Motions Shine Enhancing Pomade - similar ic ice pomade but less oily, not as intense of a wet looks but it looks good in hair, feels funny in hair and hair feels weird after washing it out

Elasta QP Glaze - lets jam orange top on steroids, killer hold, killer shine, smells great, super icky and sticky


ProfectiV 3in1 Solution - i hate oils but love this, makes and keeps hair instantly soft, smells like candy and if used for a week u'll notice a diffrence in your hair softness and natural shine

Africa Pride Hair and Scalp Oil - if i knew what putting crisco in my head felt like, i bet it would feel like this

Olive Oil(OO) - this is a great product to mix with olive cholesterol when deep conditioning. if you deep condition almost everyday, you won't need any products because of how well it softens and helps lay your hair down


Lusters Regular Pink Oil Lotion(PL) - not greasy, keeps hair moist and soft all day, smell good, mom always has it so i never have to buy it, nice shimmery shine also

Africa's Best Organics Hair Mayonnaise - only product that makes hair softer than olive/carrot cream does, hair stays soft, pretty good shine but not touchin luster pink lotion

Motions Hair Lotion Oil Moisturizer - its ok, smells hella great but just feels like its sitting in my head, greasy as hell, half of it endsup on 4head after brushing, nice shine though


Hollywood Beauty Carrot Cream (cc)- perfect product for the natural look when used alone, hair stays soft all day, highlights natural shine and improves it over time, helps keep hair laid down all day even during long wolfing sessions, non greasy and goes on very light,

Hollywood Beauty Olive Cream (oc)- perfect product for the natural look when used buy itself, makes hair extra soft, has good hold, not greasy(just enough oil to feel on by rubbing ur finger 2gether after it dries) but keeps hair moist and conditioned throughout the day, hair will feel like silk and girls will love running they hands through your waves

Wavebuilder Spin'n Waves Cream - didn't perform as the jar said it would, once it dries u cant brush or your head will turn gray and flake like u got dandruff, smell industrial, reminds me of black magic(not the hair product but the type u spray on you tires) with out the foam or shine

Part 2

Cream Of Nature Ultra Moisturing Formula - cleans hair great, dont even have to use a moisturizer when u use this cuz ur hair will be soft all day, no better shampoo around, burns the hell out of ur eyes though

Dark & Lovely Naturally Soothing Sensations Peppermint Shampoo - cleans hair to good as in it leaves hair extra dry and ur scalp will look ashy if u got a low cut and u drybrush, smells hella great though

Barber Select 2-n-1 - decent smell, really helps remove those thick products in your hair, adds a bit of moisture to your hair so it doesn't dry out completely. after you use this product, you can actually feel how clean your hair is, but if you brush this into your hair, it leaves a foul smell on your brush that can make your stomach gag.


Olive Cholestoral Conditioner - best smelling product to ever be put on mah head, only takes 2 minutes

Cream Of Nature Nourishing Conditioner - same results as olive cholestoral but u gotta leave it in for 10 min which is too long


Murrys Olive Oil - not really an oil, feels like mashed patatoes, hair isnt really moist, dullest shine iv ever experienced, no hold, pure shit in a jar

Luster's S-Curl Texturizing Styling Spray - another one of my favorites, makes hair soft, shiny, and silky, non greasy, great product, better for trained hair and fresh cuts cuz it doesnt do much as far as hold


#2062 - my 1st annie, no handle, great brush, had it for months, bristles still as hard as they were when i bought it and its my shower brush
#2121 - soft version of ^, great brush
#2119 - my newest brush, bristles the same as ^ beven looks like a sexy brush, brush is much bigger for better connection and more efficiency for each stroke, brush also has a hande which i use 2 hate handled brush but now i found out i can brush better with them
Wave Enforcer #585 - perfect medium brush for if your 1st starting, buy 2 and boil 1 to make bristles permanently soft then ul have a great soft and medium brush, very dependable, ugly looking but who cares

Fade Brush a.k.a. The 2 Sided Once - both sides were good but i always carry a brush in my pocket(its a highschooler thing, il probably grow out of it when i get old), and it always pokes my thigh so i just gave it to a friend who has decent waves

#8118 - a handled 8 row brush.. the best medium brush i ever bought. lasts a long time, you can feel the brush pulling every strand of hair and actually does the work of a hard brush and soft brush at the same time
#8167 - 9 rowed softy that's a little harder than the average softy.. you can actually feel this brush on your scalp.. this brush has helped my connection better than annie's softy
#8158 - 8 rowed pure bristle handled hard brush.. probably the hardest hard brush i ever bought. if you're tender headed you can feel every bristle go across your scalp. but even though it hurts so much, nothing helps lay my hair down better than this brush. i can actually say i think i'm in love with Diane after buying these brushes

Old School From the 90s(silkish material) - i finally found a beauty supply that sells them, doesnt suck products out of hair, fits good, well ventilated

New School Stretch Durags(spandex type material) - im not a fan, feels hot, puts deep line in 4head so u can tie it that tight, itchy even when clean or new

2 Stocking Caps - used to be my favorite during summer time, but now its just 1 plain old school durag, nice hold, good ventilation, just gotta know the trick to put on and take off without altering the side patterns

Wavebuilder's Du-Rag - this is actually the best du-rag i ever bought. the strands actually reach all the way around my head, it doesn't move around while I'm tryin to tie the strands and it stays in place while I sleep (I move around a lot when I sleep). the only thing I don't like is the fact that it sucks up some of the products that's in my hair
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Bankboi09 Product guides Pts. 1 and 2
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