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 youngchris85 Pre-cut Ritual

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PostSubject: youngchris85 Pre-cut Ritual   Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:05 pm

At the request of Bankboi I have decided to create a "pre-cut ritual". This will help you in preperation for getting a haircut because 80% of how your cut is going to look is from straight preperation anyway. Well let me cut the malarky and start already:

1) 4-6 hours before getting a cut wash your hair
2) Durag/Wavecap your hair for 2 hours
3) After 2 hours take out your brushes(hard+soft) and gets the brushin!(Start brushing with a hard brush and after that use nothin but a soft brush.
4) You will continue to brush until your ass is literally planted on the barbers chair, he might be watching you anyway to see how you brush your hair especially for those who get their cuts WTG(with the grain) so he can cut almost identical to how you brush. By the way the cut that usually works out well for most is a #2, if your hair is mad nappy a #1.5 is good, if your hair is super straight you don't want to go under a #2.5 or #3 WTG.
5) Be specific make sure your barber knows exactly what you want , repeat yourself if necessary, I would rather be a asshole with the right cut than to be meek with a fucked up head.

DO not wash your hair after getting a cut especially if it's lower than a #2 instead take a paper towel with some rubbing alcohol and dab/clean off your hairline so you don't possibly breakout, water shrinks the hair so if your waves are light then after you wash your hair your waves will be almost non-existent/ or loss of definition, so I wouldn't recommend letting water hit the hair for at the least 4 days until the new growth starts kickin in, and be careful brushing it especially with people who have similar texture to myself, take the safer choice and use your hand to brush your hair I hope this hair cut prep was good for most if not all and this was made in consideration to keep the hair lookin freshcut and waved up for as long as possible after your trip to the barbershop.
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youngchris85 Pre-cut Ritual
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