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 youngchris85 Strategy Guide for waves

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PostSubject: youngchris85 Strategy Guide for waves   Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:00 pm

The key to getting waves is to be consistent with brushing , you don't need any products or anything like that to actually get waves, I seen somewhere in somebodies quote on another site brushing is like the gym and products are like the supplements so how you gonna get big if you don't work out right. Products are there to help your waves lay down better if you have very unruly hair and to keep your hair moisterized and healthy.
I went around and did alittle bit of research on the type of products most vets use and I have compiled a short list.

Veteran's(Not My Preference) Preference of Products (Non-pomade type):
-Carrot/Olive Cream
-Pink Oil Moisterizer(My personal preference)
-Let's Jam Extra Hold(Orange Top or LJOT)
-Indian Hemp

Those appear to be the most popular products. And after you put the products in your hair it is generally secured with either a durag or a stocking wave cap, and those shouldn't be on your head unless it is after you are putting in product, after you wash your hair, or before going to sleep. I myself use wave caps and as my hair grows I add on another wave cap the maximum I ever used so far to date is 4 every night before I go to sleep this was after wolfin for 5 weeks , I use it for maximum compression to keep my hair looking neat and clean.


When you are brushing make sure that you are brushing in every direction from your crown(middle of your head) out to your hairline . It is better to have a high quality 100% boar bristle brush (Diane, Annie is also top end quality), higher quality brushes may cost you more now but trust me it will pay off in the long run remember brushing is the gym so your brush is your weight the better the weight the better the progress.

Types of Brushes:

Now I will go over the types of brushes and what each brush is for.

Soft brush: For low haircuts and helps CONNECTIONS

Medium brush: For medium-low hair and early stage wolfing.

Hard brush: For super nappy-headed hoes(jus kidding) and for serious wolfing.

What is wolfing?

Wolfing is growing out your hair for longer periods than you normally do to get good depth and also to aid your connections. For example If you normally grow your hair out for 3-5 weeks before getting a cut then go for 6-8 (most black people)

*Note: if you are just starting in the wave game do not wolf for long periods(or anything longer than 4 weeks) until after you are on to your 3rd or 4th cut or you might do more harm to your waves than good. If you have straight hair then you do the opposite you would have to wolf real long before your waves may even possibly appear.


Once again if you are new and you are finally starting to see waves and you are about to get a cut DO NOT get anything lower than a #2 for your first cut with waves because you want to build depth and make sure that your waves are set in, after 3 or 4 cuts (or 3-4 months whichever comes first) then you can get a lower cut like a #1.5 . If your hair texture is naturally very nappy you can generally get low cuts and the waves will be crystal clear. If you have finer hair you probably might not want to go under a 1.5 or your waves might "washout". Also if you have super-straight hair (example:Chrisdog), then you want to get WTG(With the Grain) cuts preferably at a #3 or #4. I have seen some straight-haired people get ATG(Against the Grain) cuts and it actually set back their progress.
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youngchris85 Strategy Guide for waves
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