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 Understanding the sides.

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PostSubject: Understanding the sides.   Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:56 pm

Your hair texture and its grain, (the natural direction of your hair growth), is not the same all over your head. The top and back of most peoples heads have a similiar texture and a straight grain pattern. More specifically, the hair grows straight forward on the top of the head and straight down on the back of the head.

The sides are tricky because you are brushing the grain sideways and the texture is not always consistent. It takes time for the hair on the sides to develop a new grain pattern. It's kind of like the hair doesn't know where to go, lol. The problem with side visibility is compounded by the fact that waves are seen best at an angle. Lots of visibility is lost when people look at your sides straight on. That is why you see most 360 wavers showing their sides at a 45 degree angle from the top.

Also, the hair on your sides usually has a shorter length than the top and back. You have to compensate for that fact by communicating with your barber. He must understand how to properly cut 360 waves. The sides may need to be cut slightly longer than the top and back to maximize the visibilty of the connection.

Finally, I brush my sides twice as much as my top and back to help maintain a good connection and reinforce the unnatural sideways grain pattern.
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Understanding the sides.
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