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 Dub-C's tip on brush maintenance.

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PostSubject: Dub-C's tip on brush maintenance.   Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:53 pm

Here's some quick tips on brush maintenance.

Make sure that you clean your brushes a few times a week. Dirty brushes can store germs and bacteria that can lead to unhealthy hair and odor issues. I recommend that you clean your brushes with a mild soap and lukewarm water. Do not use hot water as this can cause the holes that hold the brush bristles to expand. This hole expansion can cause the bristles to fall out prematurely. On the other hand, do not use cold water because the water has to have adequate temperature to dissolve/melt away hair care product residue that has build up in the brushes base and bristles. Sufficient water pressure is also essential to provide enough push to remove the residue. It may be necessary to use a wide tooth brush to rake away excess residue.

After you have cleaned your brushes, shake off excess water and gently tamp the brushes on a hard surface to remove left over water and residue.

Your brushes then need to be air dried. This is accomplished by placing the brushes on a hard surface with the bristles facing down. Since most wave brushes have wood bases, do not place them on their backside as this leads to moisture absorption in the wood base. This moisture absorption will cause the wood base to swell and subsequent wood cracking will happen, accompanied by bristle hole expansion that leads to brush bristles falling out. Occasionally, it may be necessary to apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to your brushes body for disinfection.

Also, after time brush bristles loose resiliency. Make sure that you replace your brushes as needed. This will ensure that your getting maximum benefit for your brushing sessions.
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Dub-C's tip on brush maintenance.
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