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 Dub-C examines wolfin' and wave compression.

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PostSubject: Dub-C examines wolfin' and wave compression.   Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:52 pm

Wolfin' is a common method amongst wavers in their endeavor to achieve 360 waves. Wolfin' is the process of growing your hair out past the point of manageablity, while brushing vigorously and often. The timetable for wolfin' varies from waver to waver, since people's hair grow at different rates and hair textures differ. But, generally speaking, most wavers wolf for periods of 3 weeks and up.

Many waving novice often complain that after they have wolfed for an extended amount of time, their waves lose visibility. This is true. Your waves will lose visibility, but that is no reason for alarm. Your waves are still there. They are just camoflauged by the extra hair you have grown. Basically, when you wolf for an extended amount of time, the individual curl, which is essentially a wave, takes on additional length. So, the curl grows past the basic "S" formation into a double "S". The second "S" is what causes your waves to become less visible. The second "S" is what causes your hair to stick up. This is why many wavers get trims during their wolfin' sessions. They are simply cutting into the second "S" where it is sticking up. The goal of wolfin' is to train your wave pattern to lay down at longer lengths. In other words, you want the second "S" to lay down on top of or next to the "S" formations that are parallel to it. This is accomplished by vigorous brushing and wave compression. You are essentially creating a double wave during the process. This is why wavers who wolf for a long time have very deep waves. Their hair is thick and their waves are longer than a single "S". Also, their hair is trained to lay down.

Let me expound on the topic of wave compression. Wave compression is the process of training your waves to lay down. This is accomplished from regular and vigorous brushing, adequate product usage, ample use of the H2O method, which includes but is not limited to shower brushing, and regular wave cap(s) and/or durag usage. You need to make sure that you are compressing your waves during the wolfin' process to maximize wave development results. Make sure that you wear your durag and/or wave cap(s) as much as possible to aid in achieving this goal.

As far as brush choices, I recommend using a soft or medium brush when you first start wolfin. I would switch to a hard brush once the soft or medium brush fails to pull your waves sufficiently. I would also use the H2O method and a light moisturizer or gel in the early stages of wolfin' and switch to a pomade in the latter stages. This should be around the time that you switch to a hard brush. If you wear wave caps, then you should use more than one once your hair reaches a point of substantive growth. Feel free to use 2-4 wave caps to achieve optimal wave compression.

Remember that the compression that is created by the second "S" is what causes your minimum wavelength to decrease, thus increasing wave depth, connection, and visibilty. The only precaution you should remember when wolfin is not to cut your waves below your mimimum wavelength. In other words, don't cut your waves below the first "S". If you do, you won't see great wave development results.
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Dub-C examines wolfin' and wave compression.
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