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 ronezzy's greatest stuff

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PostSubject: ronezzy's greatest stuff   Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:46 pm

its ya boi ronezzy its kinda long but read if you want to suceed

check this im doing my 720 thang but ima post my 360 method on here because one of my niggas ask me to so this is fo 360's that i already mastered not 720's
that will come later

this meth is gone be a monday-sunday thing so for yall peeps that done use common sence its best to start on monday's end on sunday's yall know who im talking about


monday-- h20 meth day--> when you wake up in the mourning get in the shower do yo thang wash yo hair condition yo hair i prefier yall to use my man damani's bag meth for conditioner special shoutout for damani after you get out leave hair a lil damp to were no water is dripping but still wet brush the sides that is harder to get 300 times brush the side that you are satified with 150 times after all the brush you want to do the same thing with a comb but 50 strokes this time with the grain so you can get you hair perfect in direction after after the comb use a softee and brush 50 times to lay it back down oya after you switch from the brush to the comb to brush again you should wet your hair each cycle reapeat this till 12:00 am or for 5 hours after you shower apply some activator or moisturizer to yo hair in brush 100 good side 200 bad side now repeat the the mornig meth again till 8:00 pm then activate in moist again brush brush brush till you its bed time this whole day is for creating waves so dont add no pomade to yo hair

tuesday-thursday-->training to lay down-->
wake up in moring do yo shower stuff get out pat fry etc leave little damp add activator and moisturizers do the same brushing as moday now you add yo pomade
a good hold for training is murry or dax for long hair 360 or sportin waves for short hair
all pomade give some kind of hold do the brushing technique wet your durag hot or cold
dont take it of for like 8 hours i know you wanna see how tight it look but dont take it off its training it self after that 8 take it off add some moisturizer brush wit a softee same technique as monday put it back on till next day

friday-saturday deep training-->

wake up do yo shower stuff leave damp this is basicly another h20 day but wit a comb in a softee no hard brush or anything else nesseccery what ima have you do is get a good comb pic it strait up i know yall nigga's think it will mess up yo wave mine never messed up neither any of my friends nut yeah pick it strait up then comb it back down wit softee till dry wet again in reapeat all day you can add some moisturizer thats coo but mostly use water this is called the pic meth it works trust me they will get deep
just pic up comb back down wit a softee at the end of the day apply moist. durag it up go to sleep

sunday-- your day do any other day you want--->
this day you can reapeat any other day you want since i all ready got them the way i want for me i just let my shit breath what im saying is i really dont do that much brush i let the hair and scalp do what its got to do react on its on the body work its ways its up to yall what i preifer yall to do is the water meth why because it defines your wave in work on the connection on the long run with the brushing it also creates them work better for hair like hmdp1992 just do yo thang
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ronezzy's greatest stuff
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