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 Conditioning the Hair

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PostSubject: Conditioning the Hair   Sun May 19, 2013 11:20 am

I was recently inspired to do a piece on conditioning the hair because of some proven research over time that I've been doing, so let's get into it.

There are three different ways to condition the hair, and they are all equally important: Deep Conditioning, "Wet Product" Conditioning, and Conditioning with the hairbrush

Deep Conditioning: Deep Conditioning is very important for several reasons. First, if your hair has been damaged and weathered over time from lack of care or extreme weather conditions, deep conditioning will over time help to restore you hair's strength, pliability, and natural luster. One time won't cut it, you have to do this on a regular basis, especially for extrememly brittle hair. it will also aid in maintaining your hair's health over the amount of time you spend brushing and introducing unnatural products into your hair and scalp. Long story short, schedule a time as often as necessary to deep condition and stic to it.

"Wet Product" Conditioning: This, you can do everyday, every other day, or every few days, depending on the state of health your hair is in(you be the judge). I recommend at least applying a very small amount of your favorite conditioning product at least once a day before you brush for the first time. I apply a hot towel before I do this, just my preferred way of going abou it, you don't have to. This way, it keeps your hair from losing it's already retained moisture and from breaking off due to "excessive" brushing. Remember, keep it light to avoid build up as much as possible.

Conditioning with the Hairbrush: To some this may sound like an absurd idea, but everything you do to your hair is technically conditioning it, whether it's with a comb, brush or product. This is very important to wavers, because...Well, we brush to perfect our craft. With every stroke of your hairbrush, you are training your hair to handle that action more and more everyday. This can become dangerous though if you get to "caught up in the moment" and brush excessively, therefore, I have found it helpful to brush each section until you se visible progress and/or change. once this occurs, you have reached your maximum effectiveness for that session. Rag up, and go on about your day, or do whatever you please afterwards until you feel you need to brush again later. This can be done as little as once or twice a day and can yield better results than someone who just brushes ALL DAY LONG with no true guidance and understanding of their hair.

In short, conditioning can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on how often you brush and how much product you intake on a daily basis. I hope this has been helpful, and I will be dropping threads occasionally once I'm satisfied with the consistency of my research. Stay Wvy my frends.
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Conditioning the Hair
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