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 Getting waves the NJ Way

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PostSubject: Getting waves the NJ Way   Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:18 pm

360 Waves can seem impossible to achieve but don’t give up. I’m bout to give you some advice on how to get them.
Choosing Your Products
First you are going to need to get a brush. I suggest you get a hard, medium, and soft brush but if you can’t get all of them at once I suggest you just get the hard brush and then the other two when you can or get one of those double sided brushes with one hard side and one soft side. Then its time to get your moisturizer. Moisture is one of the keys to getting waves. You can’t get waves with a dry scalp. You don’t have to buy a moisturizer if you want to use water as your moisturizer which is known as the H2O method. There are many different moisturizers the most popular ones are Hollywood Beauty Carrot Crème, Hollywood Beauty Olive Crème, Luster Pink Oil Moisturizer (Pink Lotion), Doo Gro Mega Thick

But there are other moisturizers that you can find at beauty supply stores, walgreens, or other stores that supply hair products. You also can get a pomade to hold your hair down like Murray’s Pomade, Sportin Waves, Ant Green’s Seasick, S-Curl 360 Style Pomade

When u apply these products use only a nickel or quater size. When u apply pomade first wet ur hair with a wet towel or rag and make sure its damp. Then put about a quater size of pomade on your palm and rub it together. Then Spread it evenly on head giving an equal amount to each side.
I don’t recommend you doing this until you develop a pattern. If you use pomade use it once every 3-4 days and use only a quarter size. You are also going to need a shampoo and conditioner.
Wash your hair twice a week, three times a week if its winter and its cold where you live. Conditioning is also helpful in getting soft hair

Brushing is the key to to getting waves, not products. You should carry your brush everywhere. Brush your top forward, your back straight down starting at your crown, and your sides at a downward angle. You may have to change you angle depending on your head shape. Remember that you can’t brush too much and brushing=waves. Brush when you watching tv, brush when you chillin, brush in the car, brush on them long car rides or plane flights, brush everywhere lol. And another thing brushing ur head fast doesnt make ur waves come in any faster. Make steady accurate strokes and you will be more effective.

Wolfing is when you grow your hair until it is unmanageable and usually lasts for at least 3 weeks. Wolfin is the best way to get deep, 360 waves when you combine it with brushing. For all you pretty boys who don’t want to look rough just get a fresh shape up every week or two. When you wolf your waves become less visible as you get deeper into the sessions so if you can’t see your waves don’t worry they still there don’t panic. It is because your hair is forming a double S instead of the single S and that helps lay your hair down. Wave compression is very important when you are wolfing. Alot of brushing along with products when needed and your durag helps train your waves to lay down. If I were you I would wolf until your hair looks like a mess straight out of the durag. And make sure you don’t get scalped when you end your wolfin session. Tell your barber to cut with the grain and to use a guard when cutting your hair. Combing can also be helpful even though i looks like it can mess up your waves it can help keep ur hair from napping up.
Go light on the pomade until the later weeks of the wolfing session.

Daily Routine
You must be consistent with your brushing as well as your method. Shop around for different products but once you find the products that work best for you and a brushing pattern stick to it. Never change your brushing pattern. Moisturize twice a day or whenever your hair is dry. Brush whenever you have time. Do this and everything above and you will have 360 waves. Remember to keep your hair hydreated. Drink water especially when you exercising or playing sports. Wet your durag and wring it out once in a while.

Follow all these instructions and master the wave game and you can get deep waves like this(cedclark)
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Getting waves the NJ Way
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