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 TsuRag v. SMW FULL review

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PostSubject: TsuRag v. SMW FULL review   Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:30 pm

Another one brought up from my archives


Sup Wavers? Ok, you all know this is the long awaited review I've been waiting to do. Before I get started, let me put out there, this is my opinion. Again, this is what is working for my hair. It may not be the same results for you, but this is more of sharing light on my experience and hopefully it can help you all out in some way.

TSUrag: I love this rag. The so-called stringless du-rag. It laid my hair down very well and I thought for sure I would never want to try another du-rag again. The tsurag also keeps its word that will not leave any lines on your forehead. It has a comfort fit where I could wear it 24/7. Great material made out silk. The price is $10, which I know can be a little hesistant, but I do recommend if you are just tired of wearing a du-rag and want something different. A big con I had with it was every time I would put on/take off my shirt the straps would always come loose and I would have to adjust them back in place on my head. Also, I am a rough sleeper and I wake up every morning with the strap that cross the forehead always off my head. I hate wearing a stocking cap to keep the straps from moving, because it always gives me a headache. Now some wavers don't have this issue like how I had, but like I said this is based off of my head. Overall, if you are looking for something different, joining the new generation of du-rags, the TSUrag is the way to go. You may experience the same problems as me, yet you may not as well. It is definitely worth a try, if you are a trial and error waver like me.

So Many Waves Cap: I just bought this rag and have not had it as long as the TSUrag, so this will be based off of my first time experience. I absolutely love this wave cap. Shoutout to Young Wavy and Ni No for putting me on this du-rag. If you follow elite wavers, you'll realize Ni No went from the TSUrag to the S.M.W. I have a feeling I will be following suite. Right when I take this out the package, the silk was glowing to me. I would say this is the luxury du-rag. It has thick strings, for easier tieing without leaving lines on your forehead and you still have that comfort and hair laying down. I can wear this du-rag just as long as I can the tsurag. Now there is a couple of cons. One, I won't be able to put this du-rag on as fast as I did the tsurag. The tsurag literally took me 15 secs to put on. But, if you are used to du-rag this won't bother you at all. The second is this is a rare du-rag. It is really hard to find this type of du-rag aond over 90% percent sure you won't find it in any stores. The only place I know of is at mikesbeautysupply.com. It ships fast by priority mail. Only 3 days and it arrived at my door. The rareness does not bother me, because it refers back to why it is called a luxury du-rag. People who know about the S.M.W. du-rag know its purpose and not just some cap you are going to find in wal-mart.

Conclusion: Ultimately, the difference of me choosing which rag I'm going to continue to rock is going to be based off my sleeping habits. Obviously, you don't want your rag to shift at night messing up the shape of your waves. I took a nap in the S.M.W. and it did not shift at all. In the end, I'm going to see what this S.M.W. is all about when I get deep into my wolfin session. I believe it will still lay my hair down just as well as the TSUrag no matter what. I have a feeling the So Many Waves will help me on my wave journey taking it to unreal heights.

Feel free to share your opinion. This what a forum is all about. Thanks for taking out the time to read this. I wanted to give you all the FULL scoop.
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PostSubject: Re: TsuRag v. SMW FULL review   Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:39 pm

Good stuff bruh. I was checking out those TSu rags yesterday
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PostSubject: Re: TsuRag v. SMW FULL review   Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:59 pm

+ 1 rep..
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PostSubject: Re: TsuRag v. SMW FULL review   Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:31 pm

yea i still like the smw better. the tsurag is good, but its nothing better than a good silk du rag if ou know how to wear it right.
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PostSubject: Re: TsuRag v. SMW FULL review   

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TsuRag v. SMW FULL review
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